For the definitive guide on Client Led Outcomes, read Client-led Outcomes: background and technical guide.


Client Led Outcomes is a client led, self-evaluation exercise developed by MSD. The purpose of the exercise is to have the client reflect on how they’re progressing toward their case goals, so that you can gauge the impact your financial mentoring work has in the life of the client. 


In Client Voices, this exercise is called the Goal Check In.


This new exercise allows you to:

  1. create up to three goals for your client
  2. Add how your client rate’s their progress toward achieving the goal
  3. Mark the goal as resolved


The Client Led Outcomes (Goal Check In) replaces the Client Outcomes Measurement Tool which asks your client to rate how they feel against four objective measures.


As stated in the MSD BFC Service Guidelines, MSD expects that you complete this check-in with your client in every session.


See the following articles which explain how to use the Client Led Outcomes (Goal Check In):


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