Client Voices is two things:


  1. A client management system with budgeting tools, and
  2. A statistical reporting mechanism, so you can produce reports for your governance body and funders.


Client Voices assists Financial Capability and Budgeting Services in keeping accurate records of clients and budgeting activities.


You can keep all your client records, and all the important information from your Client Intake form including contact information and demographic information.


Client Voices has budgeting tools which you can use to make a record of you client’s financial information and budgeting progression. This includes:

  • Budget worksheet: A mechanism to compare the client’s total income with their total expenses to produce a budget surplus or deficit.
  • Debt schedule: This tool is a record of the client’s outstanding debt, who it’s owed to and their commitment to paying the debt.


Client Voices also has reporting tools which are always being developed to help you obtain insights on the information you record in the system. The better your records, the better your insights.


Other features include recording Community Education, MoneyMates, Appointments and client No Shows.


Client Voices is free to all organisations that FinCap recognise as Financial Capability and Budgeting Services.