Client Voices has features which enable you top attach a file to a client case. This could be a credit contract, a letter from a creditor or even a power bill.


All these files contain sensitive information about your client. While Client Voices has been built with layers of security to protect your data, it’s not invulnerable. You still need to be considerate about what you upload to Client Voices.


When you upload a file to Client Voices, there is a notice telling you “You must upload only files you need to support the client during their case, and retain only for the duration of the case”.


Before you upload a file, you should consider:


  • Whether this file is essential to the client case.
  • Whether there is anything in this document which you cannot afford other people to have access to.
  • Whether other Financial Mentors in your organisation have permissions which may give them access to this file.


As the statement says, you should also remove ALL uploaded files for the client case once you have closed it.