Refer to the MSD BFC Service Guidelines for more information on the Client Led Outcomes and completing goals.


Marking a client goal as “resolved” indicates that the goal has either been reached, or resolved some other way. Let’s assume the following is your client’s goal:


“Pay off my car loan by November this year so I can start saving for Christmas.”


If your client has paid off the car loan, we can consider the goal as having been reached. So, we’d mark this goal as “resolved”. However, if your incredible financial mentoring work results in the client’s debt being written off, you can still mark it as “resolved” even though it wasn’t achieved in exactly the way the goal was articulated.



How to resolve the goal


From the client case page, click the View case details button.





Scroll down to the Case goals section of the page to see the goal you want to resolve. All you need to do is click the Resolve button next to the goal that’s been resolved.




Client Voices will display a message asking Are you sure you want to resolve this goal? This action cannot be reversed. For this reason, it’s important that:

  1. The goal you’re resolving is the correct one.
  2. That you actually intend to mark the goal as resolved.


If the above is true, then click the Resolve button. If it’s not true, click Cancel.





Now that the goal is resolved, you will not be able to:

  1. Make changes to the goal
  2. Add any new check in ratings
  3. Unresolve the goal