The Goal Check In is a way for your client to rate, from 0 to 10, their progress toward achieving their goal. To do this, your client needs to first set a goal, which you will enter into Client Voices.



Add a goal


Goals are added from the New case page. From the client record, assuming you haven’t created the case, click the + New case button.





When you create a new client case, there is a Case goals section where Client Voices prompts you to add up to three goals for the client. 





Note: Adding a goal when creating a case is now optional. It’s unlikely you will have a good case goal on day one. You can add the goal anytime later once you’ve had a chance to create a goal with your client.


As you can see in the image below, you first need to articulate the goal. Our sample goal is in the form of a SMART goal. We strongly encourage you to use this format to create high quality, achievable goals with a clear end point.





Second, you are asked Which categories does the goal belong to? This is important for your organisation’s MSD measures. You can choose as may as apply to your goal.




If you have more than one goal to add, you can click the + Add another goal button. This enables you to add a second and third goal if needed.





Once you’re done adding goals, click the Create case button.





You can add a new goal at any point during the client case by returning to this form.