For the definitive guide on the Wellbeing / Hauora survey, read Client-led Outcomes: background and technical guide.


Part two of the Client Led Outcomes (CLO) exercise is the Wellbeing / Hauora survey. Unlike the CLO which is completed every session, the Wellbeing / Hauora survey is only complete once per case. Ideally this survey is done near or at the end of your client case.


The Wellbeing / Hauora survey presents for questions to your client.


  1. I feel hopeful for the future
  2. I feel supported and empowered to make good decisions with money
  3. I feel positive about how money impacts my relationships
  4. I am confident I can achieve my money goals


The purpose of the survey is to get your client to reflect on and rate how they felt about each question when they first began working with you, then rate how they feel about those same questions today.


This survey indicates your client’s change in the following

  • Hope for the future
  • Mana-enhancing/empowered
  • Support and connection/relationships
  • Confidence 



Complete the Wellbeing / Hauora survey


You can access this survey from the client Session page.


Find and click the Complete Wellbeing-Hauora reflection > link in the grey section at the top of the Session page.






This will take you to the page where you will enter your client’s responses to these questions. 



Once you have entered your client’s responses for each of the questions, click the Save button.





If you don’t complete this survey before you close the client case, Client Voices will show the questions on the Close case page. This is to make sure you don’t accidentally close the case without completing the exercise.