Today you have a flash new staff member coming to work with you. You need to create a profile for that staff member to access Client Voices.


Today we’re going to add a Financial Mentor, Hone Ropata.


Navigate to your Dashboard using the navigation menu at the top of the screen.



Scroll down the page to find the Staff area of your Dashboard. Now click the Add staff member button.



This will take you to a blank form for you to enter the new staff member’s information


Complete the form, taking care to complete the *Required fields. Those include:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Sign in email address
  • Confirm sign in email address




It’s important to get the email address right, as a link will be sent to that email address to set up a password for the new user.


Another important aspect of this form is the Permissions. These determine which parts of Client Voices your staff member has access to.


We want Hone to have access to clients assigned to him, but nobody else’s. So we’ve checked the permission can mentor assigned clients.



When you’re done with that, click the Update info button.




Hone will now appear in the staff list.




Before Hone can login to Client Voices, he will need to check his email inbox for the email to set up his password. If the email doesn’t arrive, make sure to check the junk folder.