Funding groups exist to segment clients for reporting. If your service has more than one funding contract, and each contract serves specific clients, Funding groups will allow you to mark which group each client should be a part of.


To add a Funding group, you’ll need to navigate to the Service page.


At the right end of your navigation bar, you’ll see your name. Hover your curser over your name to reveal the drops down menu.


Click on the name of your service. In the image below, the name of our service is Demo Service.



This will take you to the Service page.


The top section is dedicated to Service details, while the bottom section is for Funding groups.


Click the Add funding group button.




This will take you to a page prompting you to enter the name of your funding group.


Demo Service gets funding from the Pōrangi Trust, so that’s what we’ll call the Funding group.



Click the Save button.