The purpose of this feature is to log upcoming appointments you have with your client. This will help you keep track of client appointments and their attendance habits.



First, navigate to the Appointments page by clicking Appointments in the main menu.




The Appointments page is split into two sections, Upcoming and Past.


The Upcoming tab is a list of all future appointments, while the Past tab is appointments that have already happened, or which were missed.


By default, Client Voices will always take you to the Upcoming tab first.



As you can also see in the image above, there are five pieces of information displayed in the appointment table.


Date: The day the appointment is to take place.

Time: The start and end time of the client’s appointment.

Client Name: The name of the client the appointment is for.

Assigned to: The financial mentor the client is assigned to.

Attendance: A dropdown box where you can choose whether the appointment was attended or not.



To add a new appointment, click the Add appointment button.



This will open the Add appointment form.




For the client field, you need to choose whether the appointment is for a client who already has a record in Client Voices, or whether it’s for a new client.




If it’s for an existing client, begin typing the name of your client in the field. Client Voices will search the database for your client. Once the name of you client appears on the list, click the client’s name to populate the field. In the image below, we have chosen our client Eugenia Crooks.



However, if it’s for a new client, click the Add new client button.




This will open a form where you can quickly add your new client’s name, phone and email. Only the name is required here, but you should record at least a phone number or email address.



If a client with that name already exists, Client Voices will tell you and invite you to use the existing client instead of creating a new one.



Otherwise, click the Save button to add the client to the appointment.


Next, choose the date of the appointment.




Then, add the Appointment start time and the Appointment end time.



Click the Create appointment button.



Your appointment will now appear in the Upcoming appointments tab.



If you navigate to your client’s record, you will see the upcoming appointment under the client’s name.




Mark the appointment as attended or a no show


Every appointment can be marked as having been attended, or mark as a no show. In the image below, you can see the Attendance column is currently showing Status.



If you click the Status dropdown box, you’ll see two options, Attended and No show.






If your client successfully turned up to the appointments, mark them as having attended. Doing this will help you keep a record of when your client attended.



No show


If you choose No show, two things will happen.


  1. Client Voices will automatically log the no show in the no show area, adding 0.5 sessions to your total session count.
  2. If your client has an open case, the no show will appear in the Session table. This is so that for any one client, you can see the attendance history.