When you begin working with your client, you need to create a record for them in Client Voices.


The first thing you need to do is find Clients in the navigation menu at the top of your screen.



This will take you to your Client list page.


Next you must click the Add client button at the top right-hand side of the screen.



When you click that button, you will be taken to the Client Intake form. Complete this form, taking care to complete each of the *Required fields.





Once you’ve completed the form, click the Save client button.



Your new client will now appear in the client list.



Duplicate records


When you enter a First name and Last name into the Client intake form, Client Voices will search your list of clients to check whether a record already exists for this client.


In the image below, we can see Client Voices has found another record with the same name.



Click the Go to client record link to access the existing record, instead of creating a new one.




Note: Your permission level will determine whether you add a client record.