In order to add attendees to a Community Education course, you first need to Record a Community Education course in Client Voices.


First thing’s first, navigate to the Community Education page by clicning Community Education in the navigatioon menu.





Here you will see existing courses. Find the course you want to add your attendees to. We will add attendees to the Example course below, so we will click the course name to access it.





On this page, you can see two major parts, Attendees and Course details. Right now we’re interested in the Atrtendees section.



At the top of this section are two buttons. The first labelled Add exisitng clients enables you to add attendees you already have as clients in Client Voices. The second button Add new client enables you to add an attendee who isn’t yet a client of your service. 




We’ve clicked the Add exisitng clients button, and Client Voices has given us a search field to start typing into. Begin typing the name of a client you already have a record for in Client Voices and Client Voices will search the database for your client.





We’ve typed Anita and Client Voices offers us the name Anita Duchess which it has found in the database. Simply click the name and the client will be added as an Attendee into the table.





Clicking the Add new client button opens a short form asking for the client’s first name, last name, phone number and email address.


Only the names are required fields.




Click the Save button to add the new attendee to the list of attendees.


You are now done adding attendees to your Community Education course.



Also worth mentioning


Now that John Campbel is added, there is now a client record created for this person. Simply click the attendee name to access the new client record.





You will see the client record has very few details. This is ok, but if John Campbel also wants to participate in face to face financial mentoring, you will need to complete this record, adding the client’s date of birth, Ethnicity, Referral point and Gender before you can add a new case to this client record.