To log a Community Education course, click the Community Education link at the top of the screen.





Here you will see a list of Community Education course already logged (if there are any).


Click the Add session button.



This will open the Add a course form.


The only information you’re required to complete is:

  • Course name
  • Type of course
  • Start date
  • End date


We’ll go through each of the fields in the order they appear in the form.


Course name: The Course name is the name that will appear in your list of Community Education courses. So make sure you name it something you can easily identify.


Course Number: Some services use a Course number in their admin. There is an option to include it in the form here, and it will also appear on the list of Community Education courses.


Type of course: This is simply to mark whether the course is MoneyMates, or Community Education course. This is important for reporting later.


Start date:   The date of the first event.


End date: This is the date of the last event. If it’s a single day course, it will be the same as the Start date.


Number of sessions: Specifically for MoneyMates courses, this is the number of MSD funded sessions this course is worth. Check out the All about sessions article to learn more about how to determine session numbers.


Number of facilitators: This is optional.



Complete the form and click the Save session button.



Your MoneyMates event will now appear in the list.


It is generally preferred that you log one event to represent the entire course (if possible).


For example: A MoneyMates group met six times over the full course. You should log 6 sessions.


Not all MoneyMates courses have an end date, and in that case it’s understandable to log each face-to-face event individually.