Note: You muct have the Can Mange permission level assigned to you before you can access reports.


You can get to the Reports page by clicking the Reports tab in the navigation menu




Once on the Reports page, you will see a Starts on and Ends on field where you need to set the date range of your report.



There are two kinds of reports in Client Voices:


  1. An onscreen report which displays all insights for a date range
  2. A CSV export of all data inputted by your service for a date range.


To generate the onscreen report, simply click the Generate button. Otherwise, click the CSV Export button to export the report data in a CSV.



Oncreen report


This report has five collapsed sections which will go through in some detail:


  1. Client case
  2. Demographic
  3. Debt
  4. Staff
  5. MSD Accountability Measures


You can also see table headers TOTAL (%) and TOTAL






This small section is a measure of your staff members.




Number of active staff

The number of staff members who currently have access to Client Voices. 


Source: Staff

Average number of active clients per Financial Mentor

Thne average number of open client cases per active staff member.


Source: Staff