When you add a new attendee to a Community Education course, Client Voices uses the small amount of information you’ve entered for that person to create a client record. 


We added John Campbel as a course attendee and now we want to create financial mentoring case.


The first thing you will see when you navigate to his record the New case button is greyed out, and a notice saying “Please complete client details to open a new case”.


Click the Complete client details link to complete this client’s Client Intake form.



In this form you can see some fields have been completed already, First anme, Last name, Phone number and  Email. These details we added when you added the client to the lst of Community Education course attendees. 





But there are five other mandatory fields that need to be completed before you can save the form:


Date of birth


Referral point




Complete these fields and click the Update client button.


You can now add a New case for thise client.