This is the section where you record all the client’s income information.


In the image below you can see there are two income items, each with information of:

  • Income type
  • Amount
  • Frequency
  • Weekly subtotal




The fields in the image below label the type of income the item is from. The first item is from a part-time job, while the second is from a benefit.


The next part is the amount of that in come. This is the amount of income for each time the client is paid from each income source.



The Frequency is how often this income is received. In the image below you can see the top income item is paid once a week, while the second is paid once every two weeks.



The weekly subtotal tells us the weekly breakdown of each income item. Since the second income item is $210 every two weeks, the weekly breakdown is $105.




At the bottom of the income items is the total income amount.



To add a new income item, click the Add income item button.



To delete an income it, click the rubbish tin icon at the end of the row.