The budget worksheet always begins with the expense items listed in the image below. This is just to provide a start point for you to work from.


The expense part of the of the budget worksheet is the same as the income section

  • Expense title
  • Amount
  • Frequency
  • Weekly subtotal




There are two ways to add expense items.


To add a single expense item, click the Add expense item button.





When you start typing into the Title field of your expense item, Client Voices will suggest some labels.


Just click these when they come up to choose them.


If none of the suggestions float your boat, that’s ok, you can type whatever you want into the Title field.




You can also add multiple items at once. To do this, click the Add multiple expenses button.





This is the fun part for all of you who like a prompt to go through all possible budget items with your client. Client Voices will open a window displaying all the expense items what used to appear on the old full template.


To add these items to the budget, just click the checkbox next to the item. Then click the Confirm button to save them to the budget.